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“(…) When you talk about artist books, museums think it is a marginal event in art history, but the book is a very precise parallel story. Artist’s books combine the poetics, the differences, the constant transformations of thinking about art. They make it absolutely constant, only changes the medium (…) “

Giorgio Maffei


Work in progress

On the first day of June began the artistic residence of Chiara Fantaccione (RUFA Rome University of Fine Art,second year Master in Printmaking), and William Dawey (Second Year Master Degree in Visual Communication, Royal College of Art, London, former alumni of Central Saint Martins). The two students were selected by the Foundation  for the realization of an artist book each, which will be designed and made in the studios of the Opificio della Rosa. The first step of the residence will last until June 16th.




A competition by invitation, for the production of artists’ books.
The 2017 edition will involve two universities; Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London and RUFA, Rome University of Fine Arts.

To participate in the call, students must submit a personal project for the creation of an artist’s book, which meets the criteria of creativity and originality. The competition is only open to students who can demonstrate sufficient professional knowledge related to their proposed project. One student from each university will be selected to realize their proposed project as an artist in residence at Opificio Della Rosa in the Province of Rimini, Italy.

The Renate Herold Czaschka Foundation aims to bring together young artists from different countries, to increase their knowledge and nurture their creativity through a residency project / exchange. The two selected artists will be given the opportunity to create an edition of their project, supported by professionals.
The Foundation will take care of the international promotion of the produced works.

Students will be evaluated on the basis of a self-initiated project that will not have any thematic restriction. They will be free to express their creativity aimed at the creation of an artist’s book.

The project, based on the concept of a multiple, must be designed to be made with relief, intaglio techniques and letterpress, however other expressive and experimental possibilities may also be taken into account.

Participation in the competition is by invitation.
Students of participating Universities will be selected, by their teachers and, based on their creative skills and autonomy, they will be invited to present a project proposal. The winning projects will be selected by members of the council of the Renate Herold Czaschka Foundation.

Each invited student must submit:
– A concept about 1200 words that describes the project to be undertaken, together with 3-5 images (JPG of about 1 MB each).
– A portfolio that demonstrates the technical and artistic skills relating to the submitted project.

The artist’s book projects selected by the committee will be made at the Foundation’s expense.
The Foundation Renate Herold Czaschka will be the publisher of the commissioned work and will operate in the manner best suited to realizing each project by providing supervision of the creative process in all its phases and by organizing specialist technical assistance where it is needed. As the publisher the Foundation reserves the decision-making power in all relevant phases of the production in order to ensure the quality and success of all work undertaken.

Each book will be made in a minimum of 15 copies and 3 a.p. with 8 copies and 1 a.p.. being owned by the artist and the remaining 7 copies and 2 a.p. remaining property of the Foundation. The Foundation reserves the right to use all images that document the period of residence of the artists and the works created for advertising purposes andto display or use the works at its discretion.

The Foundation will provide the two selected artists:
– Space, equipment, materials.
– Technical support for the realization of the edition.
– Accommodation for the entire period of residence.

The participating artists will be responsible for:
– Their travel.
– Living expenses for the period of residence.
Each selected artist undertakes to accept the regulation in its entirety.

January 31, 2017
Invitation given to selected students to create a project proposal
20-28 February 2017
Selected students to submit their completed project proposals with accompanying documentation to:
March 15, 2017
Announcement of selected projects
1-16 June 2017
First part of the artistic residence for the realization of the project at Opificio della Rosa.
15-30 September 2017
Second part of the artistic residence, for the conclusion of the project, at Opificio della Rosa.


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Contacts:  Gianna Bentivenga, Coordinatore progetto ( – Umberto Giovannini, Coordinatore Central Saint Martins (
Maria Pina Bentivenga, Coordinatore RUFA (